A few words about my work

My work is inspired from human nature and human relationships. The unanswered questions I have regarding existence – life and death – lead me unconsciously to pose them through my work. I express myself more directly with painting because I am deeply moved by its materials.

Most of the times, I seek the human form. I paint it in such a way so that whether a solitary figure or an embrace, it functions in the end as a monolithic monument.

My figures occur from consecutive layers of acrylics, oils and oil pastels. There is no narration, nor a prefixed idea. The image appears through the painting procedure, at the same time revealing my life or myself – from the unconscious world to the visible one.

I also explore some other artistic mediums that satisfy my need to express what I do in space and time, while always continuing to paint. These are, photography and tango dancing.

Varvara Liakounakou


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